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When the water level gets low, should I add more Water Purifier?
No, just fill to the correct level with distilled or purified water. The Water Purifier is designed as a one-time formula

Can I use tap water?
Nope. Distilled or filtered water is best.

Why do I have to add Water Purifier before adding the Instant Life eggs?
The Water Purifier is a Top Secret combination of buffers and special ingredients that help Sea-Monkeys hatch and thrive. The actual composition is and known only by Mr. Von Braunhut (the creator) and a few others.

Do I ever need to add salt to their water?
No, everything they need is in their Instant Life packet.

Why is the water cloudy?
You're probably feeding your Sea-Monkeys too much. Temporarily discontinue feeding until the water begins to clear. Don't worry, there's plenty of food and algae for your Sea-Monkeys to thrive on!

Do Sea-Monkeys like the sun?
Should I put them in sunlight to stay warm? Sea-Monkeys are photo-reactive (meaning that they will react to sunlight), and they love the sun. Indirect sunlight is okay but keep them out of direct sunlight, so that their tank doesn't get too hot!

What temperature should the water be?
Room temperatures around 72° F (22° c) should be fine.

Can I color my Sea-Monkeys by adding food coloring to the water?
Uh, no. Adding anything to your tank not specifically designed by Transcience Corp for Sea-Monkeys will probably kill them.

Should I change the water periodically?


How often should I feed my Sea-Monkeys?
The Official Sea-Monkey Handbook suggests feeding them once a week using the small end of your feeding spoon. If you have a large colony, you may feed them more often, but remember if the water gets cloudy you're feeding them too much.

I heard that I can feed them yeast instead of Growth Food, is this true?
Only if you really want all of your Sea-Monkeys to die.

I'm running out of food, is there something else that I can feed them? -- How about fish food?
Absolutly not, your pets cannot survive on anything other than Sea-Monkey food. You can purchase food packets and more from our online store.

Is the Growth Food supposed to be green, or is it moldy?
Yes it is. And no it isn't.

Does Growth Food taste good?
Only to the Sea-Monkeys, but there's no accounting for taste!


My Sea-Monkeys are stuck together, what's happening?
Try not to blush but your Sea-Monkeys are mating! Pretty soon new Sea-Monkey babies will be on the way.

How does Sea-Monkeys reproduce?
The male and female can mate together sexually or the female can fertilize her own eggs, a process called parthenogenesis or "self-conception"!

How can I tell if I have any pregnant Sea-Monkeys?
The female will carry an egg sac near her stomach.

What happens if the pregnant female dies before releasing her eggs?
To insure the survival of the species, nature sometimes causes the female to release her eggs, even after death.

How many babies do Sea-Monkeys have?
They usually have about 20 offspring at a time.

How long after mating will it be until the babies are born?
Not even we know for sure.

How long does mating take?
Sometimes you may see your Sea-Monkeys attached for several weeks, so try to give them some privacy.

Do Sea-Monkeys get hurt while mating?
Not usually, although sometimes things can get pretty rough.

What are those sacs hanging off my Sea-Monkey? Are they Sea-Monkey testicles?
Uh No, actually, those are the females' egg sacs.

I'm worried that there are too many Sea-Monkeys in the tank. How many is too many?
Your tank will safely hold about 100 Sea-Monkeys, more than that and there may not be enough oxygen for all of them.

The babies are swimming to the surface of the tank a lot, is this ok?
They're supposed to. Baby Sea-Monkeys require more oxygen and are surfacing to get it. Baby turtles and dolphins do the same thing!


What are they?
Sea-Monkeys are a hybrid species of brine shrimp called "Artemia NYOS". "Artemia" is the genus they belong to, which includes Fairy and Brine shrimp. NYOS is the acronym for the New York Ocean Science Laboratories where they were created.

A person in a pet store insisted that Sea-Monkeys are just brine shrimp?
The person in the pet store should visit this website.

How are Sea-Monkeys different from brine shrimp?
There are several differences. Sea-Monkeys grow much larger (up to .5" long) and live longer than ordinary brine shrimp. They are also a lot more active and can be taught to perform "tricks", unlike ordinary brine shrimp.

Can you find Sea-Monkeys in the sea? Don't brine shrimp live in the ocean?
No, you will only find them in your Instant Life packet and Sea-Monkey tank! Brine shrimp live in salt lakes and salt flats, but your Sea-Monkeys are not brine shrimp. They belong to the same genus, "Artemia", but are completely different animals.

How big can they get?
They can grow between 1/2" and 3/4" long!

How long will my Instant Life packet last before I use it?
How long has never been established, although Sea-Monkey eggs have hatched after a decade! Sea-Monkeys exist in suspended animation through a process called "cryptobiosis". Once the eggs are poured into treated water, they "magically" come to life!!

Why are they called Sea-Monkeys?
Because of their playful demeanor and the facts that they have tails!

Are Sea-Monkeys a type of plankton?
Plankton are single cell animals, Sea-Monkeys are multi-cell animals.

All my Sea-Monkeys have died! How can I bring them back to life?
There are still many unhatched Sea-Monkey eggs on the bottom of your tank. DO NOT POUR OUT THE WATER. Try this first: *Aerate your tank for about 1 1/2 weeks *Look closely as you should see new baby Sea-Monkeys appear.

I aerated my tank for over a week and new Sea-Monkeys did not hatch, what do I do now?
Allow all of the water in your tank to evaporate (this may take several weeks). Add fresh bottled or distilled water and 1 package of Water Purifier Stir. Wait a few days and you should see new Sea-Monkey babies!


Are there any benefits to owning Sea-Monkeys?
Similar to owning fish (or a lava lamp) owning Sea-Monkeys is said to have a calming effect. Picture a tank on your desk at work and your Sea-Monkeys frolicking about inside. They are quiet, and easy to care for needing only to be fed once a week and you rarely need to clean up after them!

What are some cool Sea-Monkey facts?
They breathe through their feet and adults have 3 eyes!


I lost the instructions, how do I get started?
Add Water Purifier to your tank filled with distilled or filtered water. Stir for 60 seconds. Wait 24 hours then add Instant Life. Stir for 60 seconds. After 5 days then add 1 small scoop of Growth Food from small end of the feeding spoon.

Why must I wait 24 hrs before adding the Instant Life?
So the Water Purifier can completely clean the water of any bacteria or harmful impurities.

It's been a week and I still don't see any Sea-Monkeys, do I start over?
Sometimes Sea-Monkeys take their own sweet time to hatch. Occasionally it takes up to 72 hours. They are only about the size of a pinhead so you have to look very close!

What is the gunk on the bottom of my tank? Are those dead Sea-Monkeys?
A natural part of their ecosystem, this "gunk" is actually decaying Sea-Monkey moltings, waste and eventually dead Sea-Monkeys. Sea-Monkey's molt up to 7 times during their lifetime. What you saw was probably just dark-colored shells. Dead Sea-Monkeys look like normal Sea-Monkeys, only they don't move around as much.

What is that black streak running down my Sea-Monkeys body?
Although they look like racing stripes, it's actually just food in their digestive system.

Are Sea-Monkeys harmful to other animals native to my community?
Not at all! If anything, the other animals may be harmful to your Sea-Monkeys. Watch out for stray fish!

Do I have to use a special Sea-Monkey tank?
No, even a clean 12 ounce jar can be their home. We offer a selection of Sea-Monkey tanks with lights, glow-in-the-dark features and built-in aerators and magnifying portals to add to your Sea-Monkeys experience!

Why don't my Sea-Monkeys look like the ones depicted on the packaging?
The illustrations are meant to communicate the fun of the Sea-Monkey environment and are not the actual size or shape found in nature.

What is the thread-like tail coming out of my Sea-Monkey?
Um well. It's Sea-Monkey excrement.

The number of Sea-Monkeys in my tank varies from 2 to 30! What's up?
Overfeeding and not aerating your tank enough are the most common reasons for your many babies not reaching adulthood. If your water is cloudy, you are feeding too much. Try aerating your tank every day for about 2 weeks, you should then see a great number of Sea-Monkeys reach adulthood!

Can I put Sea-Monkeys in with my fish?
Only if you want them to become fish food!

My Sea-Monkeys are different colors, why?
Because Sea-Monkeys are "color changing"! Their colors range from white to dark red.

My Sea-Monkeys are attached, but not moving. What's going on?
If you notice that they both have "whiskers" under their chins, then you're watching two males fighting.

Why are my Sea-Monkeys fighting?
Like other animals, (including humans) there are several reasons Sea-Monkeys may fight to establish dominance over resources for females!

Should I separate the Sea-Monkeys when they are fighting!
No, you should never get in the middle of any animal fight! Let them work out their differences on their own!!

Do the males fight?
Yes, typically the males are the fighting culprits!

Do the females fight?
No. They are usually quite well-behaved.


My tank has lots of gunk on the bottom, how do I clean it?
That gunk contains Sea-Monkey eggs and algae. You don't need to clean it, but if you wish you can just suck up some of that gunk with your Aqua Leash. Don't forget to top off the tank with more water!

Should I remove the Sea-Monkey shells after they shed them?
It's not necessary, all of the stuff that collects on the bottom of the tank are part of the Sea-Monkey ecosystem.

I have a film of blue-green algae in my tank, should I clean it?
This is algae and normally occurs if you keep your tank near a bright light source. It's very beneficial to your Sea-Monkeys, like a jumbo salad for them. But you can use the Aqua Leash to clean the tank if you wish.

Should I change the water periodically?
No. Add clean, fresh water to recommended levels as it evaporates. There is no need to change the water.


I accidentally ate the contents of one of the packets, should I seek medical attention?
No, but what were you thinking? While not very tasty to humans, all of the packets (Water Purifier, Instant Life, Growth Food, etc.) are completely non-toxic. The only exception would be if you had some sort of allergic reaction.

I accidentally poured the whole Growth Food packet into the tank, what do I do?!
Move quickly! As long as your Sea-Monkeys are alive you still have hope.
Find a clean jar to transfer your Sea-Monkeys into.
Using your Aqua Leash extract water from the center of the tank (since the surface of the water will have food floating on it) and transfer to the new jar.
Using your Aqua Leash, transport as many of your Sea-Monkeys as possible.
Place a clean white paper towel, or paper coffee filter over another clean jar.
Pour the remaining water from your Sea-Monkey tank through the filter. This will filter your water, but will unfortunately filter out any extra Sea-Monkey eggs you may have had.
Rinse your Sea-Monkey tank with clear water.
Pour your filtered water back into your Sea-Monkey tank
Pour your live Sea-Monkeys back into the Sea-Monkey tank.
Cross your fingers!

My Sea-Monkeys are dying! What do I do?
The Sea-Monkeys life cycle varies, and so will see the number of pets in your tank. However, it is possible that there could be a real problem.
Have you fed them once a week with the small end of the feeding spoon?
Is the water cloudy? It's possible you've overfed them. Wait until the water clears and try again. Is the water too warm? The temperature should be around 72* F. Are they getting enough oxygen? Be sure to aerate several times a week


What is an Aqua Leash?
An Aqua Leash is a suction-type transfer tube used to safely transport Sea-Monkeys from one tank to another. It can also be used to clean your tank. It is included with most Sea-Monkey tanks or can be ordered from Transcience Corporation.

How do I use the Aqua Leash?
Depress the top, put the other end into your tank to gently remove Sea-Monkeys (or anything else) and slowly release the top.

Can I use the Aqua Leash to aerate the tank?
Yes (although nothing works better than the Million Bubble Air Pump). Place the open end into the tank, depress the top (to push in oxygen), lift back out of the tank and release the top. Do this several times for proper aeration.

How should I clean my Aqua Leash?
It's a good idea to clean your Aqua Leash to prevent any foreign bacteria from entering your tank. Use a very mild detergent, rinse extremely well and let it air dry completely before next use.

What is the Million Bubble Air Pump?
A Million Bubble Air Pump is a manual aerator made specifically for your Sea-Monkeys. It is included with several (but not all) Sea-Monkey tanks or can be ordered directly from Transcience Corporation.

How do I use the Million Bubble Air Pump?
Put the end with the clear plastic bubbler in the water and simply depress and release the top several times. You will add a lot of oxygen into your tank that will help your Sea-Monkeys thrive!

Can the Million Bubble Air Pump hurt my Sea-Monkeys?
No, just be careful not to squish your little pets! Vigorous bubbling is not recommended, just slow gentle bubbles.

What if the clear plastic bubbler falls off?
It shouldn't, but if it does just push it back onto the tube.

Should I clean the Million Bubble Air Pump?
Keeping your Million Bubble Air Pump clean to prevent bacteria from entering your tank. Use a cup of clear water and depress several times, then rinse under clear water. Make sure that it dries before using it again. DO NOT USE DETERGENT! Never. We mean it.

What are Sea-Diamonds?
Sparkling, non-toxic gem-like crystals that Sea-Monkeys use to play and build caves with. Over time, they actually float, suspended in the water like mysterious floating astroids.

What is a Feeding Spoon?
The two-sided spoon is calibrated to scoop the right amount of Growth Food to your Sea-Monkeys. Small spoon should only be used for feeding, and the large spoon is for adding Plasma™.

What is the Magic Castle?
The Magic Castle is a dome-shaped Sea-Monkey tank with a colorful castle on the bottom and everything you need to rule this magic underwater realm. A long-time favorite that really shows off your Sea-Monkey kingdom!

What is Sea-Monkeys on Mars?
The Mars tank is a dome-shaped tank resembling the surface of Mars and comes complete with everything you need for an out of this world adventure, including an Sea-Monkey spaceship! Perfect for Sea-Monkeys explorers!

What is the Sea-Monkey Space Shuttle Expedition?
Sea-Monkeys have accompanied John Glenn into outer space on one of several NASA missions, so to celebrate we designed the Space Shuttle Expedition. Designed after the Discovery Space Shuttle it comes with everything you need even a built-in aerator and "cockpit" light for nighttime viewing!

What is the Ghostly Galleon?
The Ghostly Galleon comes with a glow-in-the-dark sunken ship and everything you need for a ghostly good time! The Aqua Leash, Million Bubble Air Pump, Oceanic Searchlight, Water Purifier, Instant Life, Growth Food, Plasma 4, Feeding Spoon, the Official Sea-Monkey Handbook

What is the Ocean Zoo?
The Ocean Zoo is our basic Sea-Monkey tank. It comes with everything you need including Water Purifier, Instant Life, Growth Food, Feeding Spoon, and the Official Sea-Monkey Handbook to get you started on your Amazing Sea-Monkey adventure.

What is the Ocean of Fun?
The Ocean of Fun is a great Sea-Monkey starter tank. It comes with Water Purifier, Instant Life, Growth Food, Feeding Spoon, Aqua Leash and the Official Sea-Monkey Handbook to get you started.

What is the Ocean of Light?
The Ocean of Light kit comes with everything you need to raise a Sea-Monkey family including an "Oceanic Searchlight" for up-close, night-time viewing!

What is the band of the Aquarium Watch made of?
It's made of a durable PVC plastic. Thanks for asking


Helpful Hints

The optimum water temperature for the most rapid hatching of the baby Sea-Monkeys(r) is 78 degrees. Temperatures lower than that result in longer hatching times...sometimes up to a week!!!

I strongly recommend aerating the water in the tank for the first 4 days after you add pouch #2. Do this with your Million Bubble Air Pump. You can also gently stir the water with a plastic spoon.

Keep the tank in a North-facing window so that it gets light...but not direct sunlight. The light helps the algae in the tank to grow and that makes the Sea-Monkeys very happy.

Feed the babies on Day #5. Don't use more than about half of the small scoop the first time that they are fed. Too much food will cause them to suffocate.

If all goes well and you don't overfeed them (the leading cause of premature Sea-Monkey expiration) the family should last for years.

Refill the evaporated water with bottled water which is at the same temperature as the tank water.


I dont see any Sea-Monkeys moving!
Please tell us all you can about the situation leading up to the mass extinction of your Sea-Monkey pets.
Please describe the kind of Sea-Monkey set you have & where did you buy it?
Was the water in the tank clear or cloudy & green?
Was the tank moved from its normal place to a new place that was too hot or cold?
Did anyone smoke near the tank (nicotine kills salty simians surprisingly soon!)
Was tap water added to the tank? (Any Copper in the water is deadly to Sea-Monkey's)
Was the tank placed in direct sunlight and left there?


How do I transfer my Sea-Monkeys to a bigger tank?
Some Sea-Monkey owners want to have a BIG TANK with many Sea-Monkeys swimming in it! We recommend a 1 gallon spherical fish tank.

Start to populate your tank by raising your Sea-Monkeys in the Ocean-Zoo® tank the way you normally would and according to the directions that come with the set. After two weeks, pour the contents of the Sea-Monkeys tank into the new, larger and clean BIG TANK. Be sure it is at the same temperature as the water in the Ocean-Zoo.

If you end up with a volume of 50 oz (1.5 liters or 1,500 cc) of treated Sea-Monkey water, you will have used 5 packets of #1 Water Purifier and 5 packets of #2 Live Eggs.
You can order the packets you need of #1 and #2 (Water Purifier and Live Eggs) by mail order from Transcience. You can get to the interactive and printable order form if you click on Parts and Supplies.

If you want to start immediately, go to a local toy store and ask for Item #6605: The Amazing Live Sea-Monkey® Original Instant Life. This is a blister carded item with the following: Packets 1, 2 and 3; an excellent magnifier and a feeding spoon.
When you get your pouches, proceed as you would normally in order to hatch your Sea-Monkeys in their own 10 ounces of water. When old enough, pour them and their water into the BIG TANK.

To feed them (only when the water is clear) put a scoop of food in a small vial and add a plastic teaspoon of water from the tank. Shake the solution and pour it into the tank. Then, use a little more tank water to rinse the vial back into the tank. This emulsified solution is a wonderful way to feed the Sea-Monkeys.

I hope that your new larger tank is a sphere... so that you can benefit from the magnification. Visit our website to learn more & more about your Sea-Monkeys. Meanwhile, check out the HELPFUL HINTS below.



The optimum water temperature for the most rapid hatching of the baby Sea-Monkeys(r) is 78 degrees. Temperatures lower than that result in longer hatching times...sometimes up to a week!!!

I strongly recommend aerating the water in the tank for the first 4 days after you add pouch #2. Do this with your Million Bubble Air Pump. You can also gently stir the water with a plastic spoon.

Keep the tank in a North-facing window so that it gets light...but not direct sunlight. The light helps the algae in the tank to grow and that makes the Sea-Monkeys very happy.

Feed the babies on Day #5. Don't use more than about half of the small scoop the first time that they are fed. Too much food will cause them to suffocate.

If all goes well and you don't overfeed them (the leading cause of premature Sea-Monkey expiration) the family should last for years.

Refill the evaporated water with bottled water which is at the same temperature as the tank water.